mexibear (mexibear) wrote,

I watch my share of clever, interesting, or just plain goofy videos online. (In fact, you could argue that my livejournal is hardly ever personal and is mostly reposting of videos. Which is true, I guess, but only because I don't have my own digital camera.)

But today has been a stinking GOLDMINE of good videos, so if you've got some time, check these out!

Number One of the day:

Hi from Multitouch Barcelona on Vimeo.

This one time... from nelson boles on Vimeo.

What if YOU dated a Dinosaur? How would you break up with him?

My pal Rosemary Travale piratecore showed me the next few ones

This is one of the happiest videos I've ever seen. And everyone gets pies!

This is an origami stop motion ad for a Toshiba laptop. There's a whole series of these. In this one, the laptop fights versus the evil IBM-style reel to reel server!

And my friend Marcie applesforshoes showed me this one!

This video makes me so happy. This guy is being filmed out of ridicule, but he starts something great!

And a few bonus ones!

This one has that Royskopp song I love.

I fucking love Colbert.

Play Mario off, keyboard cat!
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