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it's been a busy weekend, and an ever busier week ahead before portland. i've gotta pack,
move out of my house, and pack for portland, all in exactly one week. i'm not looking
forward to it. but, this monday was really nice, and here are some pictures from
Treetop Theater's inaugural screening!

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our screen

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close-up of one of the crests (jane bought them for me at a thrift store!)

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treetop theater!

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a short bumper i made to introduce the short and the feature

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scene from butterfly ball, our short

title or description
the main event!

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i love this scene.

overall, i did this for myself. i showed my favorite movie in what in my opinion is THE setting to watch it
in, (besides the ghibli museum, of course.) i was happy, it was a gorgeous night, we had fun.

here's a video i made for those of you who wanted to attend but couldn't, maybe you'll feel like you were

i'll announce next monday's movie on friday here and on
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thanks heidi! maybe one day you guys can come out and join us? oh and thanks for the mention in your blog, that was so nice of you.
hi! i came over from jane's lj. my name is ramsey. this looks so wonderful. im very jealous. is it a digital projector you have? how did you acquire it?
hey ramsey, i know who you are, i'm a fan of your comics/zine (thanks to jane.)

yeah, it's a digital projector, a del1 1800mp. i'm financing it through dell, like 20 bucks a month. i've wanted a dlp projector for like, five years, but i thought my first one should be a cheaper one, and eventually i'll get something really awesome like brad bird has in his house.
thats so cool. eventually i'd really like to get one too. to do something exactly like what you're doing =0) maybe show movies on the side of my house. i have an awesome backyard for it. maybe i'll look into it sooner than i thought. thanks for the inspiration.
Yet another person coming over from Jane's journal! I was just wondering what video editing computer program you used for that Youtube video? I'm in need of one but clueless as to what I should go for!

Ps (one time I saw you both at the Allied Media Conference in BG!)
hello! the allied media conference was awesome, specially the hip-hop show.

i used iMovie HD on jane's mac to make that video, it's pretty simple. if you don't have a mac, most PCs come with windows movie maker, which even though it's crude, if you mess with it enough you can make descent things. i really want to learn how to use final cut pro though, because everyone i've talked to says that's the shit. hope that helps!
Oh my goodness! I got so excited, I made my husband come over and watch it! His response was asking where you lived! I think this is wonderful. I wish I could come! Congratulations on such a lovely setup . . . I'm speechless.
thanks! and by the way, i've been meaning to tell you that the pictures on your livejournal are amazing! and thanks for the kind words, jane and i worked really hard on this for a couple of months, and it wasn't always easy but it always seems worth it when we have a great night like this one and when people respond to it so positively!

and, about you wishing you could come, today my friend joey and i spoke about "branches" of the treetop theater, like, he'd have a branch in virginia, and i'd have one in ohio, and so forth so forth. it's just an idea now, but maybe one day you guys can start a branch out there! it's not
too expensive and it's relatively easy to set up!
Thank you so much. You're very kind.
I bet you guys did work so hard! I can imagine. I love the idea of "branches" all over! That would . . . well, it would be big and you would have your hands full in a good way. I will keep that idea in the back of my mind, if the means ever made for a possibility. Hehe Is the projector relatively expensive?
sorry it took long to respond,jane and i have been super busy moving into my new apartment and such. anyway, projectors are kinda expensive, and a decent one can run from 400 to 1000 dollars. as long as you have over 1000 lumens, a 2000:1 contrast ratio and a 1024 X 768 resolution or higher, it'll be more than enough. i think it'd be even cooler to have an old 16mm projector and some weird old films from ebay or your local library, which they might even give you!
que buena idea! :) y que suerte tener ese par de arbolitos
jajja gracias. no se que afortunados son los arboles, porque tienen clavos por todos lugares. pero gracias de todos modos. una mexicana, eh? por curiosidad, como encontraste my lj? extrano a mexico tanto, me mude a los estados unidos cuando tenia 7 anos, hace 21 anos! (por eso mi espanol esta escrito tan malo, perdon.) escribeme mas! me gustaria tener mas "pen pals" mexicanos. adios!
ah pues llegue aqui por Jane y el de ella pues umm no se como lo encontre. Y has regresado a Mexico en todo este tiempo? De que parte eres? por cierto... tu español no tiene nada de malo ;)
soy del D.F., y no he regresado en todo este tiempo, me hace muy triste.
vale la pena
I found out about your project from mypapercrane's blog... TTT is the best. I wish I was closer so I could attend. Good Luck with it. You might start a trend.